Research activities

When working in academia, I was interested in observational Cosmology to study the fluctuations of Dark Matter as function of space and time, as a tool to unveil the nature of the enigmatic components of the Universe. My field of research was focused on the connection between Dark Matter and galaxies, using weak gravitational lensing and galaxy clustering techniques. I gained expertise in various aspects of the data treatment and science analysis of large data sets from wide-field surveys, including photometric redshifts, galaxy clustering and weak lensing.

Galaxy evolution, galaxy-dark matter relationship:

  • Halo occupation distribution formalism, stellar-to-halo mass relationship.
  • Tools: photometric redshifts, two-point correlation functions. galaxy-galaxy lensing.

Wide-field surveys, dark Universe probes with gravitational lensing:

  • Galaxy cluster mass profiles, cosmological parameter constraints.
  • Tools: magnification bias, cosmic shear.

Large-scale projects

I love working in large and eclectic teams. Firstly because it gives access to new skills and data, and secondly because it’s a place where my actions have a positive impact on the work of others. I was actively involved (development and science analysis) in the CFHTLenSHSC-SSP and Euclid projects. I also participated in the VIPERSCOSMOSFastSound, and XXL projects.

Research activities

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